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Learn how your clients can use their 401k to fund their business, tax-free & penalty-free.

Have you had conversations with your clients about their dreams of starting a business, but they’ve felt overwhelmed by the financing process?

Knowing how to advise your client about using their 401(k), tax-free and penalty-free as a financing option is a valuable tool to have.

Why is this Topic Important?

This financing method is known as Rollovers for Business Startups (ROBS) which enables your client to use their own money from their own retirement account to start or buy a business — without incurring any taxes or penalties.

Banks are highly likely to reject a loan for a small business, and, if your client is in the minority of applicants who do get approved, their business starts out both in debt and at the mercy of interest rates. If they turn to private investors, they no longer own 100 percent of the company. But with ROBS financing, they can start their business out debt free, putting them fully in control of their investment.

This seminar will help you become a better advisor to your business clients.

“I went to law school to focus on representing people with financial concerns, including helping people with ROBS funding issues.” 

~Frank Selden

About Frank

I’m one of the foremost experts in the country on Rollover Business Startups (ROBS) and tax attorney. I’ve helped thousands of people find the right funding to start their business.

My desire to help people comes from a passion to make a positive difference. As a member of the Army National Guard, I provided relief to those in need. As a personal banker and loan officer, I aided people in sound investment strategies. As a tax attorney, I advised people on legal ways to protect their assets. And now, as a ROBS provider, I help entrepreneurs fund their business ideas with qualified retirement plans – tax free.

When I’m not in the office, I enjoy spending time with my children (human and canine alike) and grandchildren. I’m also an avid sailor who loves exploring the majestic waters of the PNW and beyond.

Past ROBS Presentations
Frank has shared his expertise with the following associations:

“Frank is very good at breaking down a very tricky topic! You gotta reach out to Frank you definitely don’t want to do this on your own, there’s a lot of prohibited transactions, and the downside is potentially massive.”

– Ryan Condie, host of Let’s Buy A Business Podcast

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In this interview, Frank explains the process, benefits and risks of a ROBS setup.
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