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Frank Selden

Hi, I'm Frank, attorney and CEO of 401k ROBS Pros. I’ve helped thousands of people find the right funding to start their business.

5 Ways to Handle Stress as a Business Owner

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If you’re transitioning from a 9-5 job to running your own business, you may find yourself more stressed out than you previously were.

Stress is a part of any job but when you’re your own boss it can be hard to turn off your work brain.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for several years now and I know that as a new business owner you should keep a few things in mind in order to combat stress in your life.

  1. Focus on what’s going well – It’s easy to notice what’s wrong in your business, but celebrate your achievements too. We often forget to stop and see how far we’ve actually come.
  2. Prioritize your goals – You’ll always have an endless to-do list and not enough time to do it. Set no more than 3 goals for each day and don’t go to the next one until the one before it is complete.
  3. Take time off – I learned from a business mentor, and from years of experience that creativity and innovation happens in the spaces between work. Not only is it good for your body and brain to take time off, your business will reap the benefits as well!
  4. Take your health seriously – Being a business owner is very demanding but it’s important to eat well and get some exercise. There’s only one you and if you’re unwell then all the other things in your business will start to suffer as well.
  5. Have a support system – This is one I wish I had learned sooner. Join groups of other like minded entrepreneurs so you can learn, grow and share wins and brainstorm challenges with. You’ll be so glad you did!

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